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Questionable Publications - Part Three

Madam's and Sir's of the Council,

As must be getting tedious to you all, my questionable behavior continues. As such, not all of my questions are related to the LRT. But all are rather questionable.

How much is the Bombardier propaganda budget?

Recently, the National Post ran a multi-page propaganda piece bought and paid for by Bombardier.

Unsurprisingly, this piece extolled the virtues of handing untold billions in public resources to Bombardier. Rather than dissect this frog here, I suggest you obtain a copy of the 2018-09-25 issue of the National Post and you can judge it for yourself.

That being said, obviously the part I took away from it ended up down the hole at the outhouse.

But it got me thinking: How much did this all cost?

First, and to their credit, the National Post didn't try to hide this as actual news. It wasn't even presented as fake news. It was presented for what it was, words and pictures bought and paid for by Bombardier.

Now, everyone knows that without obscene infusions of taxpayer money, there would be no Bombardier. So that means you and I essentially paid to be propaganda'ed to.

But how much was it?

If this were a regular in-house government cover-up, we could easily vote in honest politicians and get the numbers revealed. (ha! Yes I know, good luck with that. But it's worth a shot.)

But in reality it's not a shot in the arm or even the head. It mostly looks like the typical tax-laundering scheme actually. You know the one. Its where we work hard and earn actual, real money. The feds then take a double handful in taxes. And give it to Bombardier. So like I said: tax-laundering. (hint: it keeps your wallet clean)

As such, Bombardier can bury the propaganda costs deep in their books. And that way, nobody ever really knows how much we are paying to read the latest output from the Bombardier self-serving word and picture department.

Anyway, in the interests of full disclosure, this website is privately funded by me and me alone. It costs a grand total of about 150 buck a year in website fees. And I'm far too lazy to setup a corporation or a foundation or any of that and I would probably get zero funding from anyone anyway. So my labor is free. So yeah, $150/year is the total budget. You have now seen my books.

So I'm pretty sure the latest Bombardier ad hit the taxpayer in the 'nads for a lot more than that. And yes, for all that money they got probably got a lot more words than I ever will. And they even got pictures too. But they only got it for for one issue of the paper. And after its "second use" the words are down the hole so to speak.

But I'm smarter. Or maybe dumber. Either way, I get words up and available all day every day for eternity as long as I pay 150 bucks a year. Now, if only I could figure out how to use that stupid camera...

Sadly and far more seriously

Last week we learned that in a random attack, an unlucky young man was stabbed at an LRT station.

The assailant fled, leaving the young man in a pool of blood on the concrete. Fortunately, he has survived and from what little was reported, it seems he will recover.

Despite an intense police response, the assailant somehow managed to make his way across the city where he hid for some time. The reports are lacking detail but it seems that following tips from the public, including one badly frightened lady whose truck the assailant tried to hijack, the police were able to track the perp to his hiding spot.

In their typical heroic fashion, ultimately the police dogs got him and the bad guy is now in custody and facing charges.

But that's not all that happened.

In a separate incident, another very unlucky person was struck by an LRT near the crossing at 82 Street and 111 Avenue.

This man was reported in being in serous condition. At the time of this writing, nothing more has been released so we can only hope he will recover.

This one is not another of my bad humor questions. I wish it was.

Sigh... Then today I learn that a bus driver was stabbed 15 times by a youth yesterday. Early in the AM, the driver was starting his day and saw the youth on the way to the bus center. Even though his bus was technically off line, he stopped anyway to give the youth a lift. And got badly shanked for his trouble. They say no good deed goes unpunished. God bless the bus drivers.

Does this ever stop?

No, it doesn't.

At least not until these trains are cancelled, the public roads and parks restored back to the people and the perps behind the massive corrupt scandal known as the LRT are held to account.

And mercifully, this page is already over. More innocent victims. Propaganda that would make Goebbels blush. LRT's are a clear and present danger. Council does nothing. Well nothing but build more of these evil things.

Regards of some Kind,
Your Watchdog

PS: Yea, and council, ps on you too. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Serious harm and real suffering. All because of your policy of callous disregard just to prop up the unmitigated greed of the train lobby you work for. Have a rotton day.

PPS: See Part 1 or See Part 2

If you oppose the train you can complain to the mayor or your councillor here: City of Edmonton Website
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