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To the NDP, UCP and anyone else who cares:

As we are all well aware, the city government in Edmonton has been overrun by a bunch of dishonest people who work on behalf of the train lobby. Their sole purpose is to enable the improper transfer of tens of billions in public assets to their cronies.

The assets being taken include hard public assets such as roads, parks, sidewalks, trees and so on.

Additionally, these people engage in the abuse and misuse of other public assets. For example, the crony firms involved in this scam routinely receive free public services like sewage, drainage, policing and so on.

The evaded costs include both upgrade charges and ongoing usage fees. Legitimate companies normally pay for these sorts of things. But for the most part, under a number of improperly enacted train deals, members of the train lobby get all this stuff free from the taxpayer.

And of course there is the billions upon billions in cash they get too. Which is sort of the whole point of the LRT even existing in the first place.

In return, the public gets an ugly, obsolete, dangerous and essentially useless pile of junk that simply ruins many of our best roads and parks.

Plus the LRT causes all sorts of other problems like unnecessary traffic congestion for example. It's also a known magnet for violent criminals and it causes a proliferation of tall, ugly train slums among other things. And all of it is run by cronies who are improperly being protected from real competition by their bought off politicians.

To help provide a cover story for all this crooked activity, among other things, the train lobby has brought our public bus system into disrepute. As it stands, wherever possible the buses here only serve to feed the trains. But the riders here would prefer the buses serve the people.

And so would the people who pay for the bus services. By this I mean that the taxpayers who actually foot the bill for the ETS. They would much prefer to see a cost-effective bus service that works instead of a obscenely expensive train that doesn't.

Fact is, a modernized bus service with a focus on effective and efficient customer service should have no problem thriving in a place like Edmonton. Look at the success of the so-called "ride sharing" industry.

Somehow they make money and being a one-driver-one-car-and-one-passenger business model, it's nowhere near as efficient as buses can potentially be.

But the train lobby already has enough trouble competing with cars. And by this I mean trains get beat badly by cars on every single category including and especially actual price per ride.

And so the last thing the train lobby needs is an efficient bus system. Especially one that actually works and provides a real alternative to driving to work.

So instead of a proper bus system that serves the riders, we get stupid, slow bus routes that are designed to game the system by pumping up the train ridership numbers. This involves lots of transferring to and from the trains. And it causes longer and dumber routes that waste time, fuel, and labour. Plus it causes excess wear and tear on our buses too.

And the inefficiencies manifest themselves in many other ways too. All of which are deliberately designed to drive up the cost of buses and reduce their effectiveness. Just to make the trains look good.

But in the end, it doesn't even work anyway. Because of all the deliberate hampering and ongoing meddling in our our bus system by the train lobby, transit now takes far too long to get to work for almost everyone.

No surprise then that transit usage is so low here. And it's getting lower by the day.

Simply put, these train people have polluted our transportation market and at the same time are ruining our city. All so they can grab billions of our tax money and lock our city into these crooked deals for eternity.

But all these problems don't matter one whit to the train lobby. That's because their crooked deal don't even need riders to turn a profit. In fact, having lots of riders is just another cost to be avoided. That's because these contracts are worded to ensure the train lobby gets billions no matter what.

In fact, they don't even need to provide a real transit system. They just need to cash the cheques. Don't believe me? Ask Toronto. Or New York.

In the case of NYC, it's in the US and therefore outside our court system. So when the scam there became evident, NYC simply kicked them out.

And no, there is no serious court challenge to this. Crooks is crooks, NYC knows this better than anyone. Anyone who ever tries to take New York to court simply to enforce a scam will most likely find themselves sitting in a cell on Rikers island instead of a beach in Tahiti.

And unlike Edmonton, NYC actually needs trains. And being in actual need, they did it the right way. That is by first having a over 10 million people in a real high density environment. Then they paid for a proper, publically owned subway that actually works.

So NY can afford a subway, needs a subway and can fill it with riders honestly without needing to game the system. And they certainly cannot put up with non-performing jokers whose only talent is lying. So their contracts with that train company are now history and responsible operators have taken their place.

But Toronto is stuck because the feds here are sticking it. This is to force TO to support their favorite corporate welfare bum whether it wants to or not. A company that is in fact by far the worst corporate welfare bum ever in Canadian history. And when commenting on that train company, the former head of the Toronto Transit Commission basically said words to the effect "worst train company ever..."

And it's a train company that's also repeatedly been accused of serious corruption in nearly every country it operates in. See the Sweden deal if you don't believe me about the corruption thing. There's a reason the Europeans ended up with their airplane division.

The involved parties will spout all day about how the airplane deal was good and necessary. They will claim that among other things it was done to fairly allow the plane division to meet the competition head on.

But to me, it looks a lot more like hand over the planes or go to jail for train corruption. Call it a massive fine if you will. And dropping the charges cost these jokers over half their company and also cost the Canadian taxpayer even more billions.

And so knowing who we are dealing with here, it is no surprise that TO's public transit is an even worse shambles than Edmontons.

And just to belabour the point about crooked incompetence linked to government, isn't that train company the same one that is mostly owned the same provincial government that recently refused to allow Alberta energy products into their province?

Something about how they are afraid that our cheap energy will compete with their own overpriced Hydro boondoggles?

So this all stinks and it stinks bad.

Please fix.

And by fix, I mean that if you can't actually jail them, then kick that train lobby all the way back to the east coast. They can try this corrupt train garbage on say, Halifax or the Newfies. Good luck with that. The east coasters will swindle them right back even harder and end up with all the beer. Just you watch.

Best Regards,
A. Nother Vooteer

If you oppose the train you can complain to the mayor or your councillor here: City of Edmonton Website
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