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How many more?

October 2018:

One person stabbed multiple times by a violent criminal on an LRT platform in Edmonton. The person was badly injured and was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

One person hit by an LRT near the 82 Street crossing. This person was also badly injured and was similarily taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Neither case has had further media attention so it is unknown if these people have recovered or not.

One person was hit by an LRT train in Calgary and killed.

Another person was also hit by an LRT train in Calgary and that person was also killed.

Both deaths in Calgary occurred on the same day.

One of the victims was a six year old girl who tried to avoid the train but could not. The driver tried to stop the train too. But trains don't stop because they do not have effective brakes. Nor can they turn since they are on track and have no steering wheel.

No details were released about the other person in Calgary who was killed.

52 or more dead in a bad train accident in India.

At least 18 dead in a commuter train derailment in Taiwan.

Scores injured in both of those crashes, many very seriously.

Update Nov 20, 2018: Yet another person has been mangled by an LRT train in Edmonton. Authorities called this one a "track level incident". The victim was taken hospital in critical condition. No further details have been released.

Update Dec 13, 2018: A serious commuter train crash in Turkey has killed at least 10 people so far and at least 84 injured, many very seriously. This adds to the 24 killed and over 70 injured in another train accident in Turkey in July 2018. And in November 2018, 15 people were injured in yet another train crash in Turkey.

Update Feb 16, 2019:The City of Edmonton has decided that it is not in the public interest to release any information at all regarding LRT related deaths and accidents. To try and find out how many people the Edmonton LRT has killed or mangled, your only recourse is to make a FOIP (a privacy law exception) request.

Even if you only want total numbers and are not interested in private data such as names or locations, you are currently not allowed to know. There is one application to release this information before the courts that I am aware of. But there have been no successful FOIP inquiries on this subject so far. So although the city certainly has this information, it remains locked away from public view.

Given the death toll inflicted by trains elsewhere, this now looks a lot like the LRT traffic impact report the city filed under FOIP years ago. On that report, FOIP was challenged. After judicial review in provincial court, it was decided that there were no legitimate reasons for it to have been suppressed in the first place.

As such, the judge ordered the report to be opened to public scrutiny. It subsequently revealed that the city knew perfectly well that LRT trains in fact cause serious traffic congestion instead of preventing it like the mayor, certain members on council and the administration had repeatedly claimed.

This all begs the question: How come a so-called "repressive state" like Turkey allows it's people to know how it's trains are doing, while ours will not?

And even more importantly, how come people who repeatedly lie to the public are allowed to keep their public service jobs?8

Did you know

Each LRT train car weighs more than 100 average SUV's. For most LRT systems, it's a lot more. Several train cars easily becomes equal to the weight of 500 or more of these same SUV's. From a physics point of view, getting hit by a train is exactly the same as getting hit by every single car, truck and bus in your entire neighborhood all at once.

LRT's are on a track and therefore cannot turn. Due to all their mass, they take a very long time to stop. Hitting the brakes on an LRT is completely pointless as an emergency response. It simply does nothing. And given the lack of a steering wheel, there is no effective emergency response at all on an LRT. Every single engineer on this planet knows this and if they ever try to deny it, it's time to revoke their professional designations.

This unpleasant reality about LRT's means that in an emergency, whatever is in the way of the LRT is slammed with enough force to easily destroy a dozen SUV's without even slowing down. Forget cars, trucks and buses. Even fully laden semi trailers are minor irritants by comparision.

Train accidents are truly horrifying. And if you don't believe me, just ask the first responders in Los Angeles who had to deal with the aftermath of an LRT that derailled after hitting a truck that was parked on a level crossing.

The south-east LRT will pass directly next to no less than six schools. It will also travel through a number of very busy level crossings. It goes through parks and next to sidewalks. Every single day it will pass next to and right through hordes of pedestrians, cars, buses and bicycles. There are no berms, and no barriers. It cannot stop or turn. It weighs more than 500 SUV's.

All it takes is one cell phone to ring in a gravel truck. Or one person in an SUV to glance at the back seat to see what the kids are screaming about. Or a single sip of coffee or lighting a single cigarette while driving. Or a power bump on the train itself, a failed switch, a collapsed bridge (you know, the bad concrete and all) or yet another one of those annoying signals glitches. And when that happens...

Well council, how many more victims then?

LRT trains are proven hideous death machines.

These words may be shocking to some. Offensive even. But the facts at the top of this page are real and far more shocking.

Scores of dead and many more injured. All because of urban rail systems including the Edmonton LRT. And the actual safety record of the Edmonton LRT was recently placed under FOIP restrictions by the city which means the public is not allowed to know how dangerous the one here really is. I'm not making this up and I'm not exaggerating.

So, why exactly is the City of Edmonton installing these things in our neighborhoods, on our roads and through our parks? And why won't it tell us how dangerous these LRT things really are?

It can't be to relieve traffic congestion1. The cities own LRT traffic impact report and 40 years of actual experience with urban rail in Edmonton makes it perfectly clear that trains most certainly cause traffic congestion and will never relieve it. Ever. No matter how hard council and the train lobby wishes otherwise. The very inconvenient fact they keep trying to hide from us is the fact that trains cause traffic congestion. They always have and always will.

It can't be for safety reasons either. That's already perfectly clear as anyone can see from the ongoing tragic events listed at the top of this page.

It can't be to save the taxpayer any money. In Edmonton, all the LRT's could easily be replaced by a few dozen buses for 1/1000th of the cost. Or maybe even less. Funny how the city government never comes clean on this one. I've asked too. More than once. No answers so far.

It can't be to speed up commute times. Urban travel by train is far slower than travel by bus. Even a non-express bus with a transfer is almost always faster than any journey involving a train. And what about a properly modernized bus system that isn't deliberately crippled to force users on the trains like the one in Edmonton is? Well, a bus system like that would clearly blow away any train system2.

It can't be for the environment.3 The LRT is more like an environmental disaster actually. Besides all the people it will kill, even before it's commissioned it's already killed thousands of trees and all the life that resided in them. Plus it kills grass, bushes and other foliage that benefits our environment. And the train also causes traffic congestion which further contributes to air pollution. Then it wastes tons of coal by running empty most of the time. So it's a disaster all right. Too bad the city won't do a proper impact analysis. Or maybe the city did do the analysis and just hid it like they did all the other negative research on their train projects. Thanks to the ongoing abuse of FOIP laws, we will probably never know.

It can't be to help businesses. Everybody knows that trains destroy businesses. They do this by driving out the cars, buses and pedestrian traffic. Nobody likes travelling next to a train. It's rather dangerous for one thing. Plus, in this city it takes forever to get around them and they're really ugly too. Which means all the people who ride cars, buses or walk or cycle (ie: almost everyone), don't go to businesses located next to an LRT. Of course, this is assuming the businesses managed to survive the LRT construction phase in the first place. Turns out that at the retail level and small office level, almost all don't.

Then, once the LRT is built and running, well the train riders have their own agenda and it doesn't involve shopping or going to the dentist. Mostly it's just people going to work. Or people mugging other people if the riders in question just happen to belong to an LRT gang. Either way, over time, all the businesses along the line evenually die off along with the pedestrians and the foliage. And so the blight spreads. Speaking of the blight side, the hard drugs do often move in and bring their associated street prostitution and violence-based businesses with them. There is that I guess. (see certain sections of Calgary's C-Train if you don't believe me.)

It can't be to help maintain property values. Local property values have dropped as a direct result of the nearly every existing LRT line on this planet. So these trains don't help us prosper at all. Instead, they just grease the rails to poverty. Is this just a way to devalue our land so it can be scooped up cheap by unscruplous property developers who want to build ugly 90 story firetrap rentals just like they do everywhere else LRT's exist? Or is it just because the city government prefers ruling over poor people? Wealthy, and even middle class people are, well, so demanding about safety, crime, taxes and and all that really hard government stuff. Poor people are weak and much easier to control you know. Plus it's way easier to steal from poor people. Every kleptocrat in power who has ever existed knows that one perfectly well.

It can't be to increase property tax revenue.4 Well not unless raising taxes to obscene levels is considered a legitimate form of revenue. LRT trains certainly don't broaden the tax base though. LRT trains drive out both people and businesses. Which just ends up reducing the tax base. So the remainers have to pay even more. And it's happening already. Edmonton currently has among the highest taxes in the world for a city of it's size and class. The biggest, if not only reason for this is the high cost of the existing LRT's. And every new LRT the city adds just makes it even worse.

It can't be for it's good looks. Because it doesn't have any. An LRT is probably the ugliest form of urban infrastructure in existance. Everything about it from the rails to the overhead power lines to the elevated sections is ugly. That horrible train bridge where we used to have a nice walking bridge in what used to be a world-class urban park is just one example of the sort of ugliness and unsightly damage associated with train infrastructure projects. It's not nice at all. Not the bridge, not the elevated sections and certainly not the massive rail switching yard now residing in our former jewel of a park either.

It can't be to build a better future here. Everbody knows that autonomous electric vehicles that use roads and have steering wheels are the future. Trains that cannot turn or stop have been obsolete traffic impediments for decades now. Intelligent traffic systems that efficiently use space and time are the future. As are the cars that will run on these traffic systems and can respond in real time to changing conditions. Sort of hard to reroute a train though.

It can't be to prevent urban sprawl5. Every single study and common sense make it perfectly clear that trains enable sprawl. Particularly ones like the LRT that are heavily subsidised. This just increases costs for everyone and makes traffic in general worse everywhere. Turns out that when people have to pay the full freight costs for hauling their bulk to work and back, a bunch move into town. Where they pay taxes to the city. Then they can walk, take the bus or have a short drive to work. Others choose to work from home or get jobs closer to home where they don't have to pay thousands per month to get into the city. Either way, making people responsible for the full cost of their freight unclogs our roads, increases our tax base and gives us even more reasons to get rid of the useless, wasteful and dangerous trains.

It can't be to maximize land use.6 An LRT is incredibly wasteful of surface area. For the few thousand people a legitimately busy train might carry (ie: not one in Edmonton), a road can easily service ten times more people. Plus, roads get lined with residences and businesses, both of which pay taxes and contribute in many other ways too. Rail lines on the other hand are lifeless corridors of death, crime and blight that cost the city billions to maintain. Which would you rather have in your city?

It can't be to combat terrorism. It's common knowledge that LRT's attract terrorists. Already we have had an incident in Edmonton and there have been dozens (or more) all over the world. But buses rarely attract terrorists. And when they do, often they run into trouble because, well, buses can drive away for one thing. And there's hardly any victims on a bus anyway. And everybody gets mad at the terrorists when buses are bombed. So mostly, it's not worth it to attack a bus. But a big juicy train in the station? That's why Los Angeles is getting anti-terrorist body scanners for their train stations. Gee, I can't wait to be scanned and have my body image put in a database where some sicko can get off on selling photoshopped alterations to morons.

It can't be to help the housing situation here. That's because there is no housing situation here. We have lots of land, lots of houses, lots of condos, lots of apartments and lots and lots of room everywhere. In fact there is both a land and housing glut in Edmonton. All of it very affordable too. So these so-called "transit oriented developments" and obscene tower projects are just another boondoggle designed to get public money and unfair favorable treatment for certain private housing projects that would otherwise have no merit whatsoever.

I don't see how the LRT helps emergency services either. Using trains to hamper ambulances and fire trucks is never a good thing. Well, not unless you're the devil I guess. Same with interfering with power, water and other city emergency response services. And LRT's and their associated LRT gangs clearly gobble up huge amounts of valuable police time as well but the next paragraph covers that better.

And implementing trains clearly cannot be a way of reducing crime since it is a well known fact that LRT's increase crime. Although I guess it is true that crime does pay. In odd ways too. It certainly pays the people at the top who aid and abet it by building and operating LRT's. Plus it pays the police who get the joyless task of stamping down on crime when it's done by the poor people stuck at the bottom.

Which makes me wonder, does the LRT exist because someone at the city thinks our local police union might have a vested interest in using our public police force to provide free security services to Bombardier? I mean, it's jobs for members right? No, can't be that. Deliberately building crime-friendly infrastructure just to employ more police would not just be corrupt, it would be downright evil, as in Nazi levels of evil actually. And I prefer to believe that our police are the sort of people who, given the chance, would want to build to build a future that needs less policing, not more. So, I sure hope the LRT doesn't exist to deliberately increase crime.

So what is it then?

Why exactly is the city installing an LRT in my neighborhood?

And why won't the city tell us how many people it will kill?

Is it related to the fact that the politics in this city is so embarrassingly bad that the province now says it needs to pass special laws just to contain all that improper spending during our elections by special interests such as the train and tower lobby? And if so, is this LRT business all happening because this very same train and tower lobby stands to rake in tens, if not hundreds of billions off us over the coming decades for these trains that nobody wants, nobody asked for and certainly nobody needs?

Which reminds me: it sounds to me like Bombardier (a train company that sells LRT's) is prepping itself for another round of mega-billions in taxpayer bailouts.

Seems that the executives over there already looted the last bailout into the ground. Now they're pleading poverty and selling the land and pocketing the cash. Well, selling what's left of it anyway. Next in line is of course, holding the workers hostage. Who would otherwise soon be free to pursue meaningful careers with profitable companies that produce goods and service we actually need.

And after that? All that will be left are tiny hordes of poor starving executives at the top with no land but a fine collection of jewel encrusted golden yachts.

Don't believe me? See the quotes from Canadian Press below:

"Bombardier Inc. was on the defensive Monday after chief executive Alain Bellemare steered clear of a special meeting, hastily arranged to deal with the imminent layoff of 2,500 of the company's Quebec workers."

"Bellemare, whose total compensation was about $14 million in 2017, has avoided interviews since Bombardier gave word of the job cuts last week alongside third-quarter results."

"Bellemare has already admitted that Bombardier was close to bankruptcy in 2015 before the Quebec government jumped to its aid by injecting $1 billion of public money..."

(Canadian Press, November 12, 2018)

And CP didn't mention the federal bailout Bombardier received not all that long ago either. What was that one? 500 million? Um, no wait, maybe a billion? Or was it actually two transactions? Happens so often it's hard to keep track. Well, whatever it was it was, it was a lot. Again.

And it wasn't just money last time either. This was the one where our own Prime Minister had to hand over the Bombardier plane division plus a bunch of money to the Euros. Best as I could tell, he did it in order to save the Bombardier executive class from spending the rest of their lives rotting in a euro-prison for their involvement in a number of train corruption scandals.

Apparently these schemes were very much like whats going in right now in Edmonton. Basically Bombardier was accused of injecting money into the local politics and collecting lucrative train contracts in return. About as simple as it is corrupt. Or so the prosecutors in Sweden said anyway.

So CP might have left out a few things, but they did remember this: "The aircraft program was renamed A220 in July when Airbus took control without paying a dime."

So obviously it's time to hold on to your wallets folks. Because another Bombardier Bailout Event is coming soon. We need it you see, it's to save the LRT country.

Update: So far it's happening as predicted. Now the CP reports the following:

"Economy and Innovation Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon said his government is open to handing over more cash"

On November 16 CP also told us that Quebec minister Fitzgibbon also said this:

"I made sure to (tell) Mr. Bellemare that, would there be an opportunity, we would be open for business."

Does that mean the Quebec government is up for sale? Maybe we should buy it. Get Suncor, Esso and a few other super-heavies to chip in and we just buy the entire Quebec government and close the Bombardier division once and for all. Get jobs for all the Bombardier employees at the Honda plant down the road. That way they would be contributing to the economy instead of weighting it down with useless railways like they are right now.

As Bombardier itself has said in a recent press release: it is the anchor holding down Quebec. Time to cut the line and lose the anchor if you ask me. Before it drags the rest of us down with it.

And speaking of saving the country, has anyone read the Canadian constitution lately?

I believe it has sections that cover things like how the public can be "deprived of meaningful participation in the electoral process". Apparently it also says that special interests can and will use great gobs of money to hijack our democracy and when they do, really bad things like LRT's start happening.

Sounds to me like the constitution might be on to something here.

Then there are these sections on "gross disproportionality" and "overbreadth". Which supposedly means elected officials are not allowed to hand over tens of billions in public assets to their cronies as a response to trivial or non-existant problems like the trivial and non-existent traffic and housing issues in Edmonton for example.

This also means that no matter how cleverly the train and tower lobby fork their tongues, the constitution is very clear when it says that that nobody is ever allowed to claim that a shortage of yachts for the upper class somehow constitues a public emergency. And it is most especially not an emergency worthy of installing expensive killer transit machines to avert.

And even if some problems do exist because the government is deliberately removing roads, blocking traffic and destroying parks in order to unethically force people to use the Bombardier train system, it's still apparently against the constitution to impose multi-billion dollar death machines on people for the simple reason that death machines, like those found in the form of LRT trains, always make things worse, not better.

Then there are these wee bits in the constitution about stuff like the "right to good government", "right to safety and security" and even the "right to life itself". All of which must be pretty minor since they are obviously held in callous contempt by our current city government when it comes to operating dangerous, crime-ridden and very ugly train systems that apparently mow people and their businesses down even faster than they suck billions from the public purse.

Too bad the constitution is just words though. If it were actually enforced there would be no trains here. Then this would be a pretty good place to live. Like it used to be before these trains showed up and started hitting people and taking their money.

And since our constitutional rights are already pushed aside and well trampled on, it's worth pointing out that deliberately building completely unnecessary, dangerous and ugly crime-friendly infrastructure at an obscene cost simply to justify imposing a massive and hugely expensive police state on a big chunk of this city is a whole other level of scary evil altogether.

Buses don't need a police state. But apparently city council thinks Edmonton does. It just approved the creation of one for the LRT and has already gone ahead and committed yet another huge pile of our money to support building it. Supposedly it's to avoid cancelling the LRT.

Funny how the distance between us and Venezuela keeps getting smaller.

Note 1: "Trains cause traffic congestion".

Maybe this is the plan after all? It is not inconceivable that corrupt people with money but low intelligence and no imagination may think they can somehow can gain excess profit by interfering with traffic flow. They may mistakenly believe that not only does it harm their competitors, but by forcing people to ride trains, the public will somehow also want to rent overly expensive tiny apartments and live in abject poverty along the train lines.

Why these developers think people will actually do this instead of owning their own home in the 'burbs and prospering in safety and comfort is beyond me. But even dumber things have happened in our world due to corporate greed multiplied by stupidity. Putting lead in the gasoline is just one example. So I wouldn't put it past certain types of property developers to come up with this one, dumb and harmful as it is.

What's even more alarming is how many latter day Luddites sign up for this one. Corruption is one thing, blind adherence to broken dogma is another. The Luddites try to lay a guilt trip on anyone who saves fuel, time and money by driving to work. They want to make you feel bad for happily succeeding. They really just want you to suffer and be miserable because it makes them feel powerful. It's called bullying and the dogma is irrelevent. It's no different than the motivation behind racism, sexism, class hatred or any other form of bigotry.

But reality never deters the true believers. So to even things up, guess what: as punishment for being happy and successful, you now have to ride a slow and dangerous train with an LRT gang and you even have to pay for their seats too. But you don't ride with the Luddites though. The Luddites don't ride the train themselves you see.

Unlike the nonexistent consideration they give you and me, these latter day Luddites (who now apparently hide behind the very misleading label "Progressive") consider themselves far too important to get shanked on a train. So they all get those black armoured SUV's instead. Often it's from the taxpayer and always it's tax-free. And they get to keep the remaining roads for themselves too. It's for the good of society you see. Leaders must lead after all.

Note 2: "a bus system like that"

For a very long time now the city government has been depriving our bus system of resources. Yet at the same time it lavishes tens of billions in public money supporting its cronies in the train lobby. I'd really like to see what would happen if the trains were shut off and the bus division got 10 percent of the leftover train funding. The taxpayer could keep the other 90%.

I bet we end up with a cracking good bus system and no traffic congestion. And a bus-only transit system would most likely be very fast, reliable and safe too. And our taxes would go down a bunch and commute times would plummet. And because of all the improvements a bus-only system would bring, I bet more people would ride the bus too.

Especially if it picked them up at their door and dropped them off at work. No transfers. No trains. No LRT gangs and no delays. No more minus 30 in the north wind either. Instead, we get a bus system that is warm, fast and safe for a fraction of the money and no damage at all to our city. Even I would use a bus system like that.

And even if it's not perfect, a bus-only system sure beats living in a train dominated dysfunctional police state. No doubt about that.

Note 3: "it runs on coal"

What? You really didn't know the trains here run on coal? Talk about dirty little secrets.

Coal is where all the so-called "green electricity" we use for power around here actually comes from. Yes, we burn dirty old coal. Lots and lots and lots. All to fire giant steam turbines to turn a massive generators which makes huge quantities of the juice. Enough to run the entire city, surrounding area and lots of industrial sites too.

And since the train runs empty most of the time, it wastes embarrassingly huge amounts of this coal actually. A bus at least you can park. Trains? Not so easy. So all this coal burning is mostly for nothing. Well nothing but lining the pockets of the train lobby I guess.

Then there's the uncomfortable fact that trains don't replace any cars at all. Not a single one. Ever. Transit riders use transit, regardless if it's a bus or a train. Car users use cars. Period. And like it or not, car usage is rising and transit usage is dropping. And the more trains they build, the fewer people use transit. Funny how that works.

So trains don't replace any cars at all, ever. But they sure interfere with cars all right. The cities own LRT impact report makes it perfectly clear that trains cause traffic congestion, detours and delays. All of which force cars, trucks and buses to waste fuel and cause even more pollution. Talk about an unethical carbon-guilt transfer. This is like one company dumping its illegal waste on the property of one it's competitors. Or in your back yard. Or in your lungs when it comes right down to it.

And that's not all either. After power generation, guess what the two next biggest carbon producers on the planet are? Concrete and steel. Both of which are used in incredibly massive quantities on these LRT projects. So, no suprise at all when nobody at the city will tell you how big the actual LRT carbon footprint is that they are slapping across the face of our city. Our friend FOIP again.

Even so, once you add in the thousands of now dead trees and all the other defunct foilage that used to sink carbon before the LRT came along and removed it, plus all the other data on LRT waste that is on the table and we can see and count, these trains are an environmental disaster all right. Besides getting rid of these trains, maybe it's also time to dismangle FOIP and put it back to protecting our privacy instead of continuing to allow it to be used as cover for environmental vandalism.

Note 4: "So the remainers have to pay even more"

The people who remain in town after the trains are installed are forced to pay a lot more tax than they should have to. This is mostly to subsidize people who used to pay local taxes but fled to the 'burbs where they could use the trains but not have to live next to them or pay for them.

I don't blame the burb people either. Out there they don't have to live in or near rented train slums. And there is something about home ownership in a good neighborhood that hugely increases personal wealth. So, it's hard to see why otherwise prosperous people would voluntarily stay in town just to transfer the rewards for all their hard work to the train company and some crooked property developer.

I too prefer to keep my money rather than give it away to a bunch of freeloaders. I guess that's why the city uses the force of law to keep increasing taxes instead of implementing the far more fair practice of charging train users the full cost of their otherwise nearly free ride on the rails.

Note 5: "Prevent urban sprawl"

I have been personally told by council that LRT trains are required to prevent urban sprawl. Then it turns out that the actual hidden purpose of the Metro Line is to cut through the entire north west portion of our city and make it's way to the sprawling city of St. Albert.

Lying to the public about preventing sprawl while at the same time building a money losing railway to help enable sprawl in places like St. Albert is not exactly in the public interest as far as I can tell. It's really quite odd actually.

I mean, all those people who live in St. Albert will pay property taxes to St. Albert. As they should since it's their town. But this also means that if they are among the very tiny percent of people in Alberta who live in St. Albert but work in downtown Edmonton, they can get a virtually free ride to work on a north-west LRT that we in Edmonton have to pay for.

So this means that St. Albert people will be able to collect a paycheque in Edmonton while undercutting the locals on wages due to much lower travel costs.

Now maybe I'm kind of mixed up here, but to me, this seems totally unfair considering that it is the people of Edmonton who are providing them with the nearly free ride to work in the first place. And under direct orders of council, the people of Edmonton are about to destroy yet another big chunk of their city to make sure this actually happens.

And so these St. Albert people are really just being lured into abusing public resources so they can unfairly take jobs away from deserving Edmontonians. But if reaping a guaranteed windfall profit on a money losing railway is good for the executive compensation plans over at Bombardier and Ellis-Don, well I guesss there is that to consider too.

And for all this sacrifice imposed on the people of Edmonton by it's own council (whose election campaigns were mostly secretly bankrolled by train and tower lobby money), the people of Edmonton gets exactly zero benefit for all this. Edmonton does get all kinds of harm, danger and cost though. No shortage of that. And extra unemployment too I suppose.

So, in spite of the protests and gross unfairness, in order to enable the sprawlers in St. Albert, city council is more than happy to spend even more billions of Edmonton taxpayer money building and subsidising this very costly but otherwise pointless and completely unnecessary LRT line. And assuming demographic trends continue, as little as two or three buses can easily take up any anticipated increase in St. Albert to downtown commuting traffic for what, the next 500 years?

Oh, and just like all the other LRT's, the north west one will be really dangerous too. But you already knew that. Which means that council will, as always, be delighted to use LRT trains to chop up even more of our residential neighborhoods. While they run their killer trains directly past even more schools, malls and pedestrian areas of course. I believe the train lobby calls this "civilian suppression tactics".

And keeping with the usual plan, the Bombardier money train to St. Albert will also deliberately interfere with every major traffic throughfare in north west Edmonton that it possibly can. This will be yet another attempt to unethically force people to ride a Bombardier product against their best interest. It's dishonest and even crooked. But it's not surprising though. After all, that's what the Bombardier trains do everywhere else in this city.

Note 6: "Which would you rather have in your city?"

Consider the original north-east line. Right now it's a full-size dual track commuter railway powered by overhead high voltage electrical wires.

Arguably its the best section of rail in the entire city. But it's rather wide and it takes up an awful lot of room. So much that it's existance seriously interferes with all the traffic flow in the entire north east. It's also totally ugly and even after 40 years, nobody wants to build along it.

For good reason too: it's simply not worth building next to the tracks. Why would anyone do that? Other than a few tiny zones around the stations, the train just rumbles past most of it anyway. Nobody stops to buy anything. They can't, they're on a train.7

And nobody want's to look at the trains going past, let alone go anywhere near one. Being blocked is bad enough. Getting crushed is a horrible way to die. Don't need a degree in urban planning to know that. So it turns out that property next to a railway is only valuable if you plan to grow grain or timber on it. Even having cows next to a railway is a bad idea since even they get loose sometimes.

So when it comes to making a business investment, it's clearly far better to build where there are roads. Because where there are roads, there are people. And where there are people, there is money. Which means you get a real return on your investment.

So then, what if the old NE line were a road instead?

It would have say, dedicated, switchable center lanes for high speed express bus traffic as well as other forms of private multi-passenger transport. The remaining lanes would be normal road lanes. As would the center lanes during off-peak hours. So, lots of road for everybody including the buses who get priority at the lights and all the rest.

Which means that commute times with new buses would certainly be faster than it currently is with the old trains. A lot faster. And probably quieter and certainly far safer. And the new buses can even run on battery. And since buses in any form are far less wasteful than trains, the North-East bus line concept is obviously a far cleaner solution than any amount of the bogus greenwash normally sprayed on the LRT's.

And since the line would be a public road instead of a fenced off uglyland of rail, gravel and concrete, all that land would be available to the public and business alike. So, rather than featuring an industrial grade overhead power grid like it does now, it would have trees and birds instead and would be lined with buildings, businesses and most importantly of all: people with money. All of which (except for the birds) pay taxes and create jobs.

So from a city governance point of view, if converted to a road, the old NE rail line finally becomes a prosperous profit center that benefits everyone instead of it being an ongoing multi-billion dollar train boondoggle kept in place by tainted politics like it is today. Imagine that.

Note 7: "Nobody stops to buy anything. They can't, they're on a train"

So the city says the solution to that problem is to build multi-million dollar train stations every 100 meters or so. Ok, maybe a bit further apart than that but you get the general idea. More stations. A lot more stations. Billions more if you know what I mean. And much closer together too. So the train becomes some sort of ultra slow conveyer belt that stops every minute or so and it literally takes hours to get anywhere.

I wonders how many new riders that will attract?

Note 8: "how come people who repeatedly lie to the public are allowed to keep their public service jobs?"

And this takes us down yet another rabbit hole. The current city council recently had a most interesting debate and subsequently voted on a very peculiar motion. The motion was one that would criminalize the public exposure of liars.

Yes. Seriously. They actually debated on a motion that, if passed, it would become, under certain conditions, illegal in Edmonton to expose liars.

Even if you could prove beyond any doubt that a certain person lied, telling anyone about it would result in criminal charges being levelled by the City of Edmonton against you.

Note that not all liars in Edmonton would be protected by this law. Indeed, most liars here would still risk being exposed without the truthful person fearing prosecution.

But politicians, either sitting or running for election, would be protected by this law. It's called a "gag law". And it works like this: you expose a lying politician, you face charges.

It's a law made by politicians, and it's for the protection of politicians only. To be fair, not all politicans like laws like this. Some, usually the best, even hate them. And here, thankfully, most will refuse to pass these kinds of laws.

But some politicians such as Hitler, Assad and Maduro often do pass laws like this. So they are real laws and are currently being used as tools of repression elsewhere in this world.

The motion here was defeated. No reasons were reported for the defeat. My guess is that somebody pointed out to council that if they actually passed this law, both the Province and the Federal government would level serious charges against the city. And at the very least, council would be stripped of their jobs and publically humiliated.

So all's well that end's well. But not really. When the votes were tallied, it's true that the motion was defeated. But it was not unanimous.

And who in their right mind would even consider wasting public time and money debating and voting on such an odious piece of legislation in the first place?

People who approve LRT's. That's who.

If you oppose the train you can complain to the mayor or your councillor here: City of Edmonton Website
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