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Contact page for complaining about the LRT

This is a contact page you can use for registering your complaints about the LRT.

On this page are links to websites that have contact forms and email addresses for politicians and various officials. If you decide to contact any of these people, please keep in mind that most of them have a sworn public duty to prevent things like the LRT from even existing.

It also helps to keep in mind that many of the elected ones receive campaign contributions from the firms and the people behind these firms that build things like LRT's and towers.

So, please take the time to contact as many of these people as possible and tell them what you really think of the LRT and associated towers being installed in our town.

The City of Edmonton Website

The city website has contact forms for the mayor and all the councillors. These forms are free to fill out and you can use them to contact any or all of the elected public officials in this city.

The Province of Alberta Website

The provincial website has contact forms for the Premier and the ministers responsible for all the departments. Of particular interest would be the departments of Municipal Affairs and Transportation. Also, the Attorney Generals office as well as the Justice department would normally need to get involved in any serious criminal complaints such as large scale fraud occuring in a municipality.

Canadian Federal Government Website

The federal website has contact forms for the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers under his direction. Our current Prime Minister has personally bailed that train company out of its own hot water more than once already. Plus he keeps giving our money to the rest of the train lobby too. I still can't figure out why. He has hair and a name after all. What does he want with a train here anyway? And is tax-laundering a thing?

The TransEd Consortium

This is the site put together to act as a sort of pseudo government cover story for the firms that are building and operating the LRT and the associated slum towers. So it's basically a cronies-r-us kind of website. Funny how their contact form only wants you to report "positive" things. Presumably this means it's ok to tell them if you positively detest the LRT. And note that they also have a semi-automated "f-off" response system they use to respond to any actual complaints. This is because they reap billions off the LRT and tower projects. So there is no point at all in expecting any sort of valid or meaningful responses from these people. But it never hurts to complain anyway, right?

The Train Company

You can bypass the fake front the consortium (or was that a mafia?) uses by just going directly to the train vendor themselves. Be aware though that these people are the first and foremost beneficiaries of your tax dollar. So expecting anything at all meaningful from these people is an exercise in futility. But on the other hand it costs them time and money to deal with complainers.

The Construction Company

Like with the train company link, here you can go directly to the construction company that works on their behalf. But even though the train company massively benefits from their work, you the taxpayer are the one who has to pay the invoices. And your government makes sure you pay these people whether you like it or not. So see if you can make them explain why exactly they are ruining your city. They won't tell me. But I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with their cut of the billions.

So there you have it. These are the people and organizations most closely linked to this train boondoggle. They are, for the most part, the only ones who can fix this mess at this point. And pretty much each and every person on the other side of these contact forms has known about this train scam for years yet collectively they have done exactly nothing to stop it.

Worse again is the fact that that lots of them actually support these horrible things. That's because they directly benefit from inflicting these trains on us. And those benefits are incredibly massive to say the least. Cash, land and services. All owned by the public. All transferred to the train vendors. Pretty simple actually. Corrupt, sure. But certainly simple.

I don't really blame the listed companies either. I certainly don't condone their behavior in any way. But temptation is all too real. So if this particular bunch wasn't feeding off our assets, I have no doubt that some other firm would instantly crony up in their place. The real problem is with the politics that allow this to happen in the first place.

The TransEd sham though, that takes the cake and shoves it in your face. It's neither company nor government. They say it's a "consortium" or some other sham thing. Economists call it a cartel. And back home in the ghetto, we called groups like this the mafia or just another gang of looters hiding behind crooked politicians.

But the politicians around here say that campaign contributions from the train lobby mean it's perfectly legal to bypass the normal open bid procedure. So instead of behaving honestly, they sole-source multi-billion dollar secret contracts to members of the train lobby. Then they cover up the details of these secret contracts along with any other relevant documents by the simple expedient of abusing the privacy laws.

Exactly. Gag me with a law. To prevent the puking.

If you oppose the train you can complain to the mayor or your councillor here: City of Edmonton Website
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